Why we should turn to organic foods and a nice documentary for you

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We are going to take you through the reasons why we should turn to organic food and recommend a nice documentary for you. Make sure to read through to the end.

Vegetables on trays

People no longer die of hunger because the current world market is flooded with foods and food products of a wide variety.

These foods range from fresh produce from the farm to those which have been processed or synthesized in factories.

While this is good news, it should also be a great concern to us.

Do we know exactly how these foods impact on our health or we just go by the slogan "food is life"?

Many of us go to the market and buy fresh vegetables without questioning their chemical content.

Do we know the conditions under which these foods have been produced in the farm and processed in industries.

You will find that almost every farmer utilizes chemicals to get a high yield of crop produce. They fertilize crops with inorganic fertilizers, control pests with pesticides and use herbicides to control weeds. All these are chemicals.

With this, crops absorb chemicals and we end up consuming them together with the foods. This is dangerous to us. Chemicals are not good at all.

I work in the hospital and I see many people with cancer. We try to save their lives but it reaches a point where we can do nothing much other than just give drugs to reduce pain and suffering. Cancer is predisposed to by chemicals.

That is why we should turn to organic food. They have less chemicals in them. They have been produced under less chemically polluted environments.

In organic farming, weed and pest control is done biologically and mechanically rather than chemically.

For example, mulching which is a mechanical control is done to prevent regrowth and sprouting of weeds. Mulches scorch and smother weeds.

Scarecrows are used to scare away birds and rabbits from the farm. Walls and fences can also be erected to keep large animals away.

Biological control is done by growing peppers round the vegetable field to attract insects and prevent them from reaching the vegetables. Onions are also grown this way to repell insect pests away with their strong smell.

To improve crop yield, the crops are fertilized with organic fertilizers such as farmyard and green manure. No chemicals are used.

In this way, crops remain clean and do not absorb any chemicals. This is the good thing with organic farming. Foods produced this way are clean and safer for human consumption.

That is why we should turn to organic foods. They have little to zero chemicals in them. With these, we will be at a lesser risk of developing cancers.

Though chemicals are not the only cause of cancer, at least we will have eliminated one cause when we avoid consuming them by turning into organic foods.

A nice documentary for you

We have a nice documentary for you that focuses on soil, food and the future of our species. It is the kind that gives you chills, opens your heart and leaves you informed about some of the most critical moments of our times. It is known as The Need To Grow Film and is a profoundly moving and award-winning documentary hosted by a top-notch celebrity (Rosario Dawson). You can watch this documentary by clicking here.