I eat eggs more often. Will I get sick?

Eggs in a frying pan

Eggs are rich sources of nutrients. According to healthline, a whole egg contains all the nutrients required to turn a single cell into a baby chicken. This is incredibly true.

Eggs contain proteins which have all the essential amino acids. Among these proteins are ovalbumin, ovotransferrin, ovomucoid, flavoprotein, avidin and lysozyme. They are used as structural components of our body cells, tissues and organs.

Eggs also contain vitamins which provide important protective functions to our bodies. These vitamins include; Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B5, Vitamin A and folate. All these are arranged in order of their amount in percentage. Other vitamins include Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin D and Vitamin B6.

Other than proteins and vitamins, other nutrients found in eggs are selenium, phosphorus, calcium and zinc. Selinium is contained in a percentage of 22 whereas phosphorus is 9%. Each of these nutrients has its own vital function in the body.

The above nutrients are not all. Eggs have other nutrients that have crucial functions in the human body. For example HDL cholesterol which, unlike other cholesterol which predispose you to various heart diseases, actually lowers your risk for them.

Despite these good benefits of eggs, many people say that too much of eggs can harm you. But I love eggs very much, especially the fried ones. I can't resist taking them each and every time. So the question is, will this make me sick?

Well, I would say it depends on the exact number of eggs you take. Sometimes back, people were advised to consume not more than 3 eggs a week. This has however been dispelled after it was discovered that the cholesterol in eggs isn't the usual harmful one. In fact others refer it as 'The Good Cholesterol.'

According to Dietitians Australia, The Australian Dietary Guidelines suggests enjoying up to 7 eggs per week as a part of a healthy, balanced diet. This comes to one egg a day.

You can however eat up to 3 eggs a day if you are perfectly healthy. There is no harm in this.

So the conclusion is that you won't get sick eating eggs more often. Just make sure that you don't eat more than 3 eggs a day.

In fact, there is no evidence of harm in going beyond this according to healthline which again says it is just an "uncharted territory" because it hasn't been studied.