How do you preserve people's health in your hotel, hospital or office by ensuring comfort?

A hotel bedroom

Do you own a hotel, hospital or an office? If so, do you put health of your customers and employees as your first priority? What do you do to ensure that their health is at its top most level? Of course there are many ways of doing so but we are only going to talk about comfort.

Comfort has a direct effect on health. It increases happiness and reduces struggle and stress. This eliminates many diseases that are usually associated with stress. Chances of getting depressed are also lowered and thus it improves mental health.

But how do we ensure comfort? Comfort can be achieved in many ways.

First make sure that your hotel or office is furnished well. Get good quality chairs, tables and beds. One should be able to use them with ease. He/she should not strain or struggle when using them. They also have to be attractive and appealing to the eye. With these, comfort is guaranteed.

You can also try to improve the lighting in your hotel room or offices. Use large windows that allow enough light into the room. Make sure to put curtains that will be able to regulate the light to the right intensity that you require. Avoid bulbs that are too bright as these may cause discomfort in the human eye. Consider getting a bed lump as it produces a light of low intensity.

For the hotel rooms, offer good quality bedsheets, mattresses, pillows and duvets. They should be made of a good material. Mattresses have to be of the right density - not too hard nor too soft. Duvet should be large enough and overlap on either sides of the bed. Provide enough pillows and bedsheets. Make sure that they are all clean at each and every time. With all these in place, customers become very comfortable and happy.

Cleanliness is another key factor in ensuring comfort. Clean places are more appealing and comfortable to work in. Every part of the hotel or office should be clean at all times. The floor should always be mopped with detergents to break its contact with dirt. Clean the utensils well. No utensil should ever be brought to a customer with food debris in it.

Provide good quality uniforms and clothing. These may include chef coat, chef cap, apron, waiter uniform, hotel lobby uniform, security uniform and other clothing. If owning a hospital, make sure to provide good PPEs for the hospital employees. Good fitting uniform, clothing and PPEs provide comfort during their use.

Do not also forget to provide the necessary equipment. Easy-to-use and quality equipment makes work easier and more efficient. For example, use of fast food tray to carry a variety of food stuffs at once. Other equipment include, food serving pans, chaffing dishes, cutting boards, cooking pots, cutlery and so on. This items provide some comfort when using them.

Everything that we have discussed above have a thing to do with comfort. They make you comfortable and feel good which in turn reduces struggle and stress. Your mood behaviour is also improved. This in turn enhances your health by improving your mental health.

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